Best Saltwater Fly Reels: Reviews of the Best Top 10

Best Saltwater Fly Reels: Reviews of the Best Top 10

Introduction: Best Saltwater Fly Reels:

Every part of your gear needs to be of high quality when fly fishing in saltwater. This is because salt water causes corrosion much more quickly than freshwater.

Additionally, saltwater species are generally stronger than freshwater species. They have to survive in a tough environment every day, which makes them stronger.

While fly rods in saltwater need to be stronger, the best saltwater fly reel is the most significant part of your equipment when fishing in the ocean.

Whether you are buying or leasing, the first thing you need to decide is: what species are you looking for?

There are many aspects to saltwater fly fishing. The ocean is teeming with exciting species that are available to be targeted on the fly. It’s possible to catch bonefish on light tackle, for instance.

Giant Trevally and Tarpon, for example, require a larger reel, and fly fishing for shark and tuna, for example, requires the best saltwater fly reels on the market. It is the drag system of the best saltwater fly reels that sets them apart.

Backing capacity is also an important consideration since fish in oceans often run a great deal further than fish in rivers. As a rule of thumb, saltwater backing capacities should be between 200 and 250 yards.

So let’s learn about the top 10 best value saltwater fly reels.

The Best One:

Among all these ten best saltwater fly reels, the best one is the Piscifun Crest Fly Fishing Reel. There are some reasons behind this.

The first thing is this saltwater reel has an awesome design. It will give you a premium feel with a warranty. The reel is lightweight and easy to use. Not only for pros, but it is also easy to handle for beginners.

Table of Contents

1. Piscifun Crest Best Saltwater Fly Reels


A free spool disassembly line makes it simple to separate the spool from the reel body, allowing you to change spools and hand retrieves them with ease. The Crest also has a knurled handle that is simple to hold and is damage-proof.

Crest fly reels without any Human Damage problems are covered by Piscifun’s Lifetime Warranty. Factory settings have been changed to left-hand retrieval on Crest fly reels. The company can provide instructions for converting your reel to right-hand retrieve.

Stainless Drag:

Impenetrable to water, sand, and coarseness, requiring no upkeep with the exception of straightforward washing. Can be utilized for both new and saltwater fishing.

CNC Machined:

Strong but light-weight anodized 6061 T6 aluminum, sports activities a closely ventilated spool to drop extra pounds but hold its strength.

The standard for car surface oxidation improves abrasion resistance and weather fastness by 30%.


The U-shaped arbor reduces line recollection and, when combined with the large, flaring cranking handle, allows for efficient line retrieval. The speedy line pick-up gives you the sting over clean and brine species.

The drag system of this best value saltwater fly reel includes a knurled surface, which makes it easier to adjust while fishing and improves heat dissipation and smoothness.

Click Drag And Silent Retrieve:

The click-and-drag mechanism allows for precise adjustments. The Crest reel has a unique screw-free spool disassembly mechanism that makes changing the hand retrieve simple.

Piscifun Crest best saltwater fly reels

2. Ecooda Heavy Duty Metal Spinning Jigging Good Saltwater Fly Reels


Saltwater protection with an O-ring sealed waterproof body and rotor, as well as a high-strength aluminum alloy body and rotor, a proprietary aluminum spool construction, and an O-ring, sealed waterproof body and rotor.

Very well built, right up there with the $200+ reels in terms of looks and feel, and it comes with a beautiful neoprene case.

One-Way Clutch:

One-Way Clutch Instant Anti-Reverse System, Carbon Fiber Friction System, Max Drag: 66Lbs.h Instant Anti-Reverse System, Carbon Fiber Friction System, Max Drag 30Kg/66Lbs.h Instant Anti-Reverse System, Carbon Fiber Friction System, Max Drag 30Kg/66Lbs.

You can use a 60lb braid to string it and will have no trouble tossing your limit onto the boat.


This best saltwater fly reel under $300 has Brass Oscillation Gear, Stainless Steel Gear, Gear Shaft, Slider And Gear Lever, 7+1 Precision Stainless Steel Ball Bearings+Roller Bearing, Gear Ratio: 4.1:1.


Titanium Casting Guide, Ceramic Line Roller, and Waterproof Structure are all highlights of this reel. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Bail Wire, Screw-On Machine Aluminum Power Handle, Left/Right Interchangeable, Each reel has a specific reel package that protects the reel at all times.


They’ll provide you with a one-year warranty! Feel free to contact them if you have any problems with the products while using them; they will provide the best after-sales service!

Ecooda Heavy Duty Metal Spinning Fishing Reels

3. Piscifun Aoka XS Good Saltwater Fly Reels

Fully Sealed Drug:

The Aoka XS fly fishing reel’s drag system is totally sealed with a rubber O ring that is resistant to water, sand, and dirt.This best saltwater fly reel under $300 offers outstanding corrosion resistance and is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Click Drag & Retrieve:

It is equipped with a click-retrieval mechanism that can produce an extremely pleasing sound when reeling the line in. Moreover, its drag design provides you with a pleasant sound while you drag the line.

Precisely CNC Machined Aluminum Body:

Japanese Brother CNC machines are used to assemble the Aoka XS best value saltwater fly reel body, which is crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum alloy 6061-T6. Using this material, the reel is lightweight and strong, with superior quality.

In addition, Die-cast technology ensures the spool is smooth and easy to handle.

Silky Smooth:

The Oka XS, the best saltwater fly reels 2018, consists of a carbon fiber drag washer and a cork washer, which are designed to provide a smoother and more accurate adjustment than conventional drag. Aoka XS reels are built to last and have incredible durability with smooth performance.

Exquisite Appearance:

The CNC cut on the frame reveals perfectly the Piscifun logo along with a stylish design that makes the Aoka XS fly reels stand out amongst their competitors.

Piscifun Aoka XS best saltwater fly reels

4. Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel


For more than a century, Orvis has produced clothing and equipment that are warm, handsome, and built to last. There are some visible changes in the frame and the drag knob on this new reel that make it a little quieter than the older version.

Line weights 4-6 are accommodated by this reel, which is 5.4 ounces and 3.5 inches in diameter.


At an incredible price, the Clearwater Large Arbor Reels deliver a silky smooth performance. It’s the industry’s best performance-to-value reel, with a sleek matte gray powder-coat finish, and it’s still a stunning new die-cast reel design.


This redesigned and upgraded reel features a powerful inline drag system with carbon-to-stainless discs that rival high-performance machined reels.

It is also easily converted able between left- and right-handed retrieval, with a positive click drag knob for consistent adjusting.

No matter if you are searching for your first large arbor reel or just a spare in your bag, the updated Clearwater Large Arbor can take on anything a machined reel can and looks amazing while doing it.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Reel

5. Echo Bravo Fly Reel Best Saltwater Fly Reels


Echo is well known for producing some of the most affordable fly fishing gear available and fulfilling the needs of novice anglers. The sealed drag of this reel is smooth and powerful, this is the best saltwater fly reel under $300.

The reel is streamlined and lightweight with a simplistic design that has all the essential components of a saltwater reel. This isn’t about bells and whistles, but it’s about performance at an affordable price.


A lightweight and durable material, aluminum alloy is used to create the Bravo. Aluminum alloys perform better than 6061 aluminum and have higher workability ratings, which makes them easier to work with. The alloy is affordable without compromising performance.


Anglers are able to fight even the largest fish in freshwater and saltwater thanks to the Bravo’s large arbor. In today’s fly reels, anglers can pick up as many lines in the shortest time with a large arbor design.

You can consider the Echo Bravo fly reel as one of the best saltwater fly reels under $300.

Echo Bravo best saltwater fly reels

6. Piscifun Platte Pro Saltwater Fly Reels


The Platte Pro frame is ergonomically designed and provides excellent comfort. The textured surface makes it easier to hold.

Fully Sealed Drag:

This reel features a sturdy rubber O ring that seals the drag system completely, keeping it impervious to water, grit, and sand. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, this reel is ideal for either freshwater or saltwater fishing.


Made of the highest quality 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy by a Japanese CNC machine, the Plate Pro fly reel body offers great durability and reliability. The reel comes with superior qualities, is lightweight, and strength due to this material.

In addition, the highly promoted die-cast technology allows the spool to spin more smoothly.


The rod retrieves faster and holds more backing and fly line, so you can catch freshwater and saltwater species with ease.


Platte Pro fly reels have a click retrieve design that produces a beautiful sound when you reel in the line. In the interim, you’ll like the drag sound.

Piscifun Platte Pro Fly Reel

7. Redington Behemoth Great Saltwater Fly Reels


In this finest saltwater fly reel, the most powerful drag in its class is paired with dazzling aesthetics that push the frontiers of fly reel design. These rods range in size from your standard 5-weight trout rod to saltwater-ready big-game rods.


The die-cast construction is unusual in that it cannot be machined, and it is combined with a sturdy, interlocking, large-arbor spool design that looks and works like a quality reel.

If you’re not familiar with the intricacies of reel construction, know that fly reels are normally made of one of two materials: die-cast or CNC machined aluminum.

Heavy Duty Drag:

The family benefits from a super-heavy-duty carbon fiber drag package that provides the highest level of drag strength, durability, and performance by the best saltwater fly reels.

However, a good drag system isn’t just about stopping power. Another significant consideration is the drag system’s initial inertia, or how smoothly it engages when a fish is on the line.

Easy Retrieve:

The big arbor is meant to allow for quick line retrieval and less line memory. When pulling in larger species of fish, the double molded handle with a soft-touch ergonomic grip provides excellent feedback.

Redington Behemoth Fly Fishing Reel

8. Angler Dream EX-ALC Pro Saltwater Fly Reels


Made from CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, it is durable and corrosion-resistant and can be used in the most hostile environments. The aluminum alloy spool features a low profile for smooth line release.

Meeting Your Needs:

This best saltwater fly reels is built for freshwater fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, and creeks. Perfect for all kinds of fly fishing species including Trout, Grayling, Salmon, and other predators.

You wouldn’t have to spend more time getting the fly leader, fly line, and fly backing tangled since they are all connected well. You will be able to start fly fishing immediately without taking time to assemble it.

Light Weight:

Compared to ordinary reels, this one is lighter thanks to its larger CNC hollow design.The hollow CNC design makes this best saltwater fly reels 2018 easier to carry since it weighs less than 200 grams.


When using the reel in saltwater, it is strongly recommended that you open and clean the reel, otherwise, the one-way bearing may be corroded.


9. Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel


A large CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary reels. It is made of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which makes it more durable, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight.


A sturdy all-aluminum construction, wide arbor design, and two ball bearings, one-way roller bearings which engage drag in one direction, allow for precise click drag and silent retrieval.


Easily change left to right-hand retrieval with finely machined metal screw caps with knurled ends. For superior strength and rigidity, this product is hard anodized for surface protection and weather resistance.

Multi-Species Fishing :

For all-around fly fishing, such as trout, grayling, salmon, and other predatory fish, this reel is perfect for multi-species fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, and creeks.

Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel

10. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel


The factory has set your reel to retrieve left-handed. Please contact us for assistance in changing your reel to right-hand retrieve.

Silky Smooth Drag:

Drag system with multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag discs and one-way clutch bearing for smooth drag engagement. Silent retrieval and accurate click-drag.

Light Weight:

A larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than typical ones; precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability.

Piscifun Sword best saltwater fly reels


In two ways, the best saltwater fly reels differ from standard fly reels. For starters, they must be stronger in general because the majority of marine species are.

As a result, the drag system must function properly. Second, because of the salt in the water, saltwater fly reels must be corrosion-proof.

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