How To Kayak Fish For Bass – Best Tactics and Techniques

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How To Kayak Fish For Bass - New Tactics and Techniques

Do you do kayaking?

Kayaking as a professional or only for hobbies?

You know what? I do kayaking occasionally. In the end of Spring or in the beginning of Summer, I go for kayaking alone for fishing or to have fun.

From my previous experience, I am going to share with you how to kayak fish for bass. Let’s get started.

The finest kayak fishing advice is based on experience—and occasionally, lack of experience. While kayak fishing, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and I want to help you get over them to reach fishing paradise.

Kayaking while fishing for bass may be highly rewarding. With larger bass boats, you wouldn’t even be able to approach some bodies of water or ponds.

Now, time to know how to kayak fish for bass.

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How To Fish From A Kayak For Beginners

Keep your setup basic if you just remember one thing from this essay. You can spend all day on YouTube watching footage of people packing their kayaks with far more stuff than they would ever need for a day on the water.

This was a mistake I made, and it made fishing much more challenging for me.

How To Kayak Fish For Bass

Pick The Right Kayak - How To Kayak Fish For Bass

Owning your own kayak is the greatest option. Having said that, kayak fishing-specific boat technology and design have advanced significantly in recent years.

You may think, what is the best fishing kayak?

It might be intimidating to select the ideal kayak when learning how to kayak fish for bass. Your choice of kayak will be influenced by your intended fishing location, the condition of the water, and the species you intend to capture.

I would advise choosing a sit-on-top kayak rather than a sit-in kayak. These kayaks are far more maneuverable and more stable for bass fishing.

Accessibility is one of the factors that influence a person’s decision to become a kayak angler. Kayaks make it possible to access shallow water that a motor boat cannot.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy exploring areas where it appears that you may wind up stuck on top of a stump with a beautiful dent in your boat. Remember this when you are learning how to kayak fish for bass.

Some qualities to look for in a fishing kayak that will be useful on the water include the following:

  • Elevated seat posture for better all-day comfort and a wider field of vision
  • Multiple rod holders
  • Paddle holder
  • Enclosed storage, also referred to as a dry hatch
  • Deck storage with bungee to keep items secure
  • GPS/fish finder mount for when you decide to add some gadgetry

Retractable pedal power propeller 

Choosing A Paddle - How To Kayak Fish For Bass

The right paddle is almost as important to know “what is the best fishing kayak.” You want a paddle’s overall length to allow you to easily reach the water without being too long so that it becomes cumbersome.

The ideal length depends on your height, boat width, and paddling technique, but for most individuals, 250 cm is a decent starting point.

Always Have An Anchor - How To Kayak Fish For Bass

When you find a spot to fish, you need to be able to control your kayak’s motion and keep it still because it is considerably lighter than most other boats.

This topic is crucial for catching bass and will keep you wise and safe while out there. You must know how to fish from a kayak.

When you know how to kayak fish, you also need to anchor so that you can hold your position and stop paddling while pursuing fish.

Putting the paddles in the water will just increase the commotion, which will detract from the attention your lure is attempting to attract and frighten the fish.

Remain Arranged - How To Kayak Fish For Bass

Numerous storage compartments, tackle compartments, and even places to stow your fishing rod are included in many of the best kayaks in case you need to paddle or do anything else while you’re fishing.

When you know “how to kayak fish”, in kayak fishing, storage and organization are frequently neglected, and many individuals believe that any kayak will do.

I advise choosing a specialized “fishing” kayak since they include features that will make your experience better, simpler, and more organized.

Lure Selection - How To Kayak Fish For Bass

One of the most sought-after fish species for kayak fishing is bass. You should set together a tackle box with lures that bass can’t resist if you want to go after them.

Start with a few lures that will give you various presentations and enable you to access various water areas.

Have a topwater lure to skitter across the surface, spinner or crankbaits to draw through the water column you want, and a bag of soft baits that resemble worms that you can rig in different ways, such as diving, jigging, or even simply suspending.

Learn how to use your various lures, then expand your toolkit from there.

How To Kayak Fish For Bass


I’m hoping these kayak fishing pointers of how to kayak fish for bass will be beneficial and practical for you.

Kayaking is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and obtain access to regions of water that you might have otherwise avoided.

Many of us never get to experience the joy and excitement of straightforward fishing.

Keep in mind that kayak fishing is a lifetime activity and that the best learning will come from personal experience.

If you aren’t fishing big lakes or flowing rivers, I recommend a kayak, small Jon boat, or a float tube for the best bass fishing simply because your access ability is so good. Stealth is very important for big bass.

This not only makes fishing more enjoyable, but it can also increase its effectiveness! Your chance is here to go on an amazing fishing experience!

Florence Any
Florence Any

My Self Florence Any. I’m an experienced kayaker and angler, with a passion for exploring the outdoors. I have been kayaking for over 10 years and fishing for over 15 years and combines both of my hobbies whenever I can. My own adventures on the water have taken me to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. I’m also an experienced writer, and my writing reflects her love for kayaking and fishing. I have written several articles, essays and even a book about the adventures I have on the water, and her work has been featured in various outdoor and kayaking magazines.

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