Retevis RT21 Review – A Budget-Friendly Walkie Talkie

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Retevis RT21 Review

Do you require a two-way radio?

I went down the rabbit hole, researching top models before purchasing and testing the best walkie-talkies because I enjoy fishing and hiking.

After researching, I have determined that the Retevis RT21 Two Way Radio is the greatest walkie talkie.

I put this radio through its paces by attaching it to my backpack for outdoor recreation in the highlands. I tested battery life until it died, checked clarity and range in a variety of lighting situations and on uneven terrain, and allowed them to get wet in the rain and snow.

When it would be impractical to use a phone, walkie-talkies are a great alternative. You may use RT21 retevis to keep track of your group while camping or trekking in the woods or to communicate with coworkers at work.

You can choose the ideal radio for your upcoming adventure with the help of this Retevis rt21 walkie talkie review.

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The Retevis RT21

Retevis RT21 features

Before going deep in this RetevisRt21 walkie talkie review, let me provide you with some information.

There are different types of Retevis RT21 in the market based on their features. I am going to tell you everything I know about them here.

There is also a version named Retevis rt22. You can compare retevis rt21 vs rt22.

Let’s get started.

Retevis Rt21 with Earpiece:

Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkies for Adults

For dependable on-site communication in industries including construction, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and warehousing, the RT21 two-way radio is developed for the highest audio quality, use, and durability possible.


208DCS 50CTCSS keeps you away from pointless conversation and make sure your team communicates quietly and effectively. Retevis rt21 default frequencies are very strong.

Retevis RT21 1100mAh Battery

Up to 12 hours of use are possible from the 1100 mAh battery, which is more than enough for a typical workday.

It can assist you in power conservation and will prompt you to recharge when the battery is low.

The RT21’s battery bay incorporates an aluminum plate, which allows for good heat dissipation and a more durable, drop-resistant battery compared to other radios.


The robust belt clip and hand strap make it easy to carry; the 2 Pin acoustic tube headset helps you maintain a clear call in a noisy setting, and the charging base and adapter make it simple for you to charge it anyplace.


The FCC certified number for this version is 2AAR8RETEVISRT21, and all RT21 two-way radios have been set up so they may be used right away after being taken out of the box.

Retevis RT21 Long Range

You may obtain superb reception and crystal sound even between buildings and underground thanks to integrated antenna, which is hard to break and can also give long range transmission.

This allows you constantly to be online. The RT21 antenna is superior to other two-way radio antennas in quality.

Emergency Alarm:

When you work alone, an emergency alarm will ensure your safety. You can switch this feature using a setting cord.

Smooth Call Function:

The RT21 is a fantastic radio for use in the workplace because it has outstanding accessories and a long lifespan.

Retevis Rt21 without Earpiece:

Retevis RT21 without Earpiece
Long Antenna Design:

In the same setting, the RT21 two-way radio has a larger range than conventional FRS radios, enabling clear calls both inside and outside.


RT21 has shock resistance, dust and drop resistance, and consistent reception and transmission even in difficult circumstances.


The 1100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery in the RT21 provides continuous operation for 10 to 12 hours. A three-hour charge takes place.

The RT21 intercom’s battery bay is made of an aluminum plate, which allows for efficient heat dissipation and long-lasting battery performance.

Easy to use:

With Vox, you may operate without using your hands, and the remote emergency alert gives you additional security. Simple to assemble and will maintain your safety when working alone.

Audio Quality:

Communication between teams is loud and clear thanks to good audio quality and a reasonable listening distance, which gives your company a faster and clearer communication channel.

Voice Prompts:

It will automatically ask you which channel it is when you turn on the walkie-talkie or change the channel.

Secure Call Function:

These two-way radio features allow you to only hear the voices from your team and keep your communication private.

Setting it up is simple. In comparison to other radios, it is safer and clearer.

Strong Shell:

The RT21 has a sturdy exterior and robust accessories. Long-lasting and won’t require frequent replacement of accessories.


When you need to speak but are too busy to do so, a PTT button enables you to do so. You can speak without pressing the PTT when you configure the VOX since it will pick up your voice.

Retevis Rt21 DC Charging:

Retevis RT21

You can independently charge it using the intelligent charge control device while taking advantage of your free time.

Long Range:

There is no need to worry about the quality because it is a long-range walkie-talkie with a premium hidden air acoustic earphone.

Safe calls will maintain fluid communication, which is advantageous for both work and family interactions.

Hands Free Operation:

The improved accessories, such as the strong shell, are dependable for prolonged use. Your hands-free operation is supported by a sturdy belt clip and the VOX function.

Easy to Operate:

Really simple to use. The same channel can be used easily and immediately by people of various ages.

Stay away from the pointless call. They will prevent background noise and guarantee that you and your colleagues have a calm, easy conversation.

Additionally, it includes gentle adjustment buttons and simple instructions. You will be reminded by the audio prompts the channel you are currently on or have selected.


The radio body of the Retevis RT21 walkie-talkies is robust, as are the accessories. You’ll enjoy a unique experience. It will be more convenient to use in a variety of environments if it is dust-proof and repels rains. You will save a lot of money if you pay once and use it for a long period.

Retevis Rt21 USB Charging:

Retevis RT21 usb charging

If you use an 1100 mAh battery, it will last for approximately 10 to 12 hours, making a USB charger useful for outdoor work or recreation.


Clear sound is provided by a covert air acoustic earphone, maintaining your secure communication. When you are occupied with your hands, the VOX function enables true hands-free.

For usage in noisy environments, the Covert Air Acoustic Earpiece can offer effective noise suppression. You can use it in places with noise, like airports, warehouses, and so forth. It will improve team productivity and communication in general.

The smooth, curved form of the earplug slips into the grooves of the ear. Even if you wear it for a long period, it is comfy.


A 50CTCSS/208DCS Keep yourself from talking about things that aren’t relevant and make sure your team communicates quietly and effectively.


You and your team can always stay in touch with loud, clear sound quality indoors or outdoors thanks to robust audio penetration and good reception.

You can experience crystal-clear transmission and reception while communicating. No need to worry about the static and loudness.

Long Range:

Depending on the location and geography, it has a range of up to 0.5-2 miles. It also comes with a fantastic stock antenna that enables strong reception across a wide area.

Best One

Retevis RT21 Walkie Talkies for Adults

Among these four types of Retevis RT21, I suggest you go for the Retevis RT21 with Earpiece.
If you see it’s specifications or features, you can easily assume that it is far better than the rest of three.

Now it’s up to you to take a decision depending on your budget and need. When you research about retevis rt21 vs rt22, you will know why I am saying this in Retevis rt21 walkie talkie review.

Wrapping Up

For business use, the Retevis RT21 is a particularly high-quality two-way radio with strong retevis rt21 default frequencies. It is designed to be a high performance, good range wireless tool with a small, solid housing, large, responsive knobs, and a high-gain antenna.

RT21 Walkie Talkies are made to last and are simple to use, so they can withstand the daily wear and strain of your hectic workplace.

Ideal for complex indoor and outdoor environments, massive job sites, diverse local clubs and events, churches, and construction sites.

You can take a walkie-talkie with you if you go fishing or traveling in a kayak or canoe far away. This could be an adventure for you.

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